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 for all to read plz

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PostSubject: for all to read plz   7th November 2008, 6:38 am

hey guys. spoke to jerry. he says u dnt want me back cos i'm a "jo jo". not the case. 1st time i left cos i received very little help and i went free bird. then then i left for being laughed off trying to invite a new member which was unnecesary being told im a low lvl etc etc at FD11. i then tried making my own league to c the difficulties and to further my appreciation of the effort Jerrylee goes through which was definately worth it as being an lm is not easy. I would like to return to pandora permanentyl as i now have the experience to c that that is a sound decision. ive recentyl made a nuker as i was told pandora needs nukers.

IGN ArCKangelis
hours per day about 4
i am not french though i speak a little
this is my new main as i want to be a nuker
lvl rc8 on this(SM1 on main) but i lvl it fast
friends are Jerrylee Hasnain and most of the group knows me.

so i ask for understanding. if i planed on leaving i would not be here begging.
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PostSubject: Re: for all to read plz   7th November 2008, 9:29 am

Well, Jerry is the authority on this, since he's the bandmaster of the international Shaolin band.

I'm still going to try and explain what happened the last time you left, since it was important enough for you to leave.

You found someone who wanted to enter our league, repeatedly asked for begger leaders to recruit him, got no answers, then got angry. You then said (not literally, but that was the meaning perceived by everyone) that it was unthinkable that there wasnt anyone available to invite an active FD11 player. People then started to make fun of that, you got angrier, and left.

Now let me put things back in perspective.
You didnt get an answer from beggar leaders.. well, it could have happened that none was online at the time! As a matter of fact, it seems there *was* one, but he was not reading league chat. Why? Well, he was busy grinding because it was also an event time... Not really the best moment to run to a lower map (especially from ice map) and recruit someone ;-)
Now, about the level of this player, let's get something clear: an active FD11 player is quite welcome in our league. That being said, that level is not astonishingly high, so it really doesn't justify moving heaven and earth to recruit him riiiight away. Something matters more then level, it's niceness and friendliness - but nice, friendly people would accept to wait a bit before being recruited ^^
After all, someone who cannot understand that we can't recruit him/her *right* at the moment s/he asks, is probably not a person we would have fun with ;-)

Now, you find a new recruit and no leader is available, there are 2 things you can do:
- Tell the person to come here and submit his/her application
- Tell the person to send a pigeongram to an active leader/BM with the application inside

Pigeongrams are nice, since the recipient can read them and act on them when they have the time to do so.
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for all to read plz
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