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 Gameleon making Nanchang/Hangzhou PvP Maps

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PostSubject: Gameleon making Nanchang/Hangzhou PvP Maps   10th March 2009, 12:11 am

This is what they said :

Quote :

Both Nanchang & Hangzhou maps are currently not pvp capable. However, they are both originally meant to be PVP zones similar to CoC & BP which are pvp capable zones.

In the future, the Battle of Mansion (aka SvS ) which pits Hero Leagues vs Hero Leagues will be implemented, and there will be constant battles being scheduled. Also, in the next update, we will be implementing the Player's Combat Record which keeps track of your combat activities, as well as your Hefei Duels activities, as it is an important part of your character status in game.

However, now we are seeking all player's opinion of making 「Nanchang & Hangzhou PvP capable」, and welcome your comments & feedback.

Link -->

guess they'll remove the guards n stuff ... lol SvS wud be so much exciting then cheers

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Gameleon making Nanchang/Hangzhou PvP Maps
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