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 Empire of Sports

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PostSubject: Empire of Sports   26th July 2009, 4:05 am

shadow-clone showed me this one

link and download -->

im gonna install it and try it out this monday (shadow-clone, Nollo and Pep have registered -> in "UK/England")

cya all there post ur ign and other info here pls Razz (maybe we can make a Pandora band there :-D)

Kill 1 man: you are a murderer. Kill 10 men: You are a monster. Kill 100: You are a hero. Kill 10,000: LVL UP!!
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PostSubject: Re: Empire of Sports   26th July 2009, 8:18 am

IGN Nikolaj S C amd well difent sports are at link in hasn's link

about the sports:

soccer: well we all know soccer games Razz left click normal pass , right click lob 3-5 on everyteam + goal keeper u are only ur own char ofc so watch ur stamina

tennis: 5 dirent shots:left click, 2xleft,right, 2xright and left and right same time 1-2 if i remeber right in each game not sure if u can play 2v2 but i think u can

basket:very simple 1 button used left click to shoot pass ... to take the ball when ur oposite team pass u cant do anything (sux a bit but well) the more u got in the stat the bigger chance u got to take ball (cant remeber name but can easyely be found)

100m run/hudle: hit 2 key simula.. cant remeber lol liek jkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjk etc in hurdle space to jump um not so much there

ski: arrow keys to turn speed up brake and hold space and release when jumping ( i havent maked that work yet lol ^^)

bobsleigh: arrows keys to steer speed brake hit 2 buttons to gain speed at start jkjkjkjkjkjk and when jumping on u press a button before a parameter hits the red zone

then there are shooting: point n shoot very easy Very Happy

and gym ofc: to train ur arms legs torso etc to get better to each sport also when u are doing an exercise u exaple balance a ball to a mid or hit 2 keys jkjkjkjk or even write workds fast Razz .. basket u need alot in arms but also some in legs to run futher etc soccer u need ALOT in legs before u can run whole field and get a good shot in when its a 4-5 player match

and last but not least DANCE!!! lol its kinda like gym but it trains everything and its fun Very Happy arrows keys to puss like guitar hero ish

all sports can be a multiplayer match or a match vs bots exaple me n hasn can do a 2v2 battle vs bots or vs nollo and pep Razz

in each sport after each match u get sport exp

each time u lvl u get a trick point (mastery ish) to add a shot/buff etc

not much more to say i guess um also u can buy some exstra stuff for real money ( duh >.< )

booster packs: helps but dunno how lol i guess its defrent from sport to sport

and then u can buy cloth with buffs on it like 2nd role cloth Razz

well thats it ill guess i write this on new forum too Razz lol NOT copy paster ofc haha
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Empire of Sports
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