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 Pandora Policy

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PostSubject: Pandora Policy   20th August 2008, 11:24 pm

Here is from old LM of Pandora, Eboshi:


Well, i'm glad to say that Pandora doesn't have enemies as much as the others out there Smile Our league has always followed the Rules Of Engagement (if someone touches Pandora, we bite them off!) Pandora has always been on the defensive Smile) Violence is always a last resort. ^^

League Name (Master)


A. Whities:
Czech_Team (-Valmont-) - Pandora's brothers-in-arm ^^
SR (Spirit-Fists)
Outcasts (mootje)
Criterion (dunno who's their current master now)
Art_Of_War (MoTien)
Trinkfest (Derius)
Henan_Temple (not sure about the LM now, but at one point i think it was Guan_Dao)

B. Blackies:
Zamoxle_SoulStealers (Makhan)
Black_Immortal_Orchid (Adarah)
Flying_Daggers (B3aver)
GoD (-Peachy-)


DESTINY (Knebley-Yu)
Yakuza (GoSu)
Elites (Gforce)
UF (StingerPL)
Nameless_Path (booog)
and the hoi polloi Smile

Abunai! (Watch out!)
Imperial_Army .... :-P
(you can add the others here if you find their behaviour undesirable)


Personal differences should be handled individually, don't drag the entire league. If you hate someone from a certain band (which is mostly the case) try to talk to the LM about his member's behaviour if you really can't stand it and ask persmission to PK him. I always like this option since some bands do not condone stupid and undesirable actions from their members, for ex. PK without reason (unless the band/league itself is made for PK (i.a. Imperial_Army) in short, just always stick with the ROE (rules of engagement) Smile


Know the enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles you will never peril. cheers BANZAI cheers

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Pandora Policy
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